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AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY OF THE 21st CENTURY What is the KITE Precision Farming System?

A high level of IT integration is an increasingly essential element of modern farming. With fifty years of development experience behind it, KITE Zrt. offers its partners a wide range of services in this area through its PGR platform. ts tools make plannability and efficiency improvements tangible and provide users with a sustainable competitive advantage, regardless of farm size.



More efficient production

With the appropriate prescription maps and precision tractors and equipment, we can carry out our input-material applications in a targeted manner, with the least possible waste during the operation.

Fast reaction ability

Thanks to the continuous data flow through the system, it is possible to react very quickly to changing conditions, whether related to weather or plant protection. In possession of this ability, yield losses can be minimized.

Higher yield

Since the focus of the Precision Farming System is the crop, we can increase the yield by understanding the needs of the plant and addressing them precisely.


You can prepare your application plans in advance based on the available data, which remain editable even after they have been created, so you can determine the rates to be applied as you see fit.

Data-driven decision-making

By organizing and processing data collected by modern tractors and implements, as well as remote sensing, GPS and drones, informed decisions can be made at every stage of the AG technology.

Reasonable resource management

The information collected and evaluated during production helps farmers to optimize AG-technology, ensuring better, long-term resource management.

Real-time monitoring

It becomes possible to monitor and automate various agricultural operations, thereby saving time, reducing operational errors, and improving operational efficiency.

Fleet-based approach

Various applications can be used to review and analyze the operation of the farm from desktop or mobile devices, and to compare performance from the daily level to seasonal evaluations.

An environmentally friendly solution

By applying fertilizers and plant protection products correctly, farmers can reduce soil and water pollution caused by runoff and leaching. Optimized irrigation practices contribute to the conservation of water resources.

Adaptation to the weather

By monitoring measured weather parameters and soil moisture levels, farmers can optimize irrigation schedules, fine-tune planting dates, and implement other adaptive measures to optimize crop performance and avoid unnecessary use of resources.

Soil protection

Less soil disturbance, optimum use of cover crop, optimum management of residues and contour farming to prevent soil erosion contribute to the long-term preservation of our soils and thus our environment as a whole.

Reducing carbon footprint

Precision farming with conservation tillage, the use of fertilizers and pesticides at the right place and with the right amount, and minimize the number of field passes greatly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases generated by agricultural activities. This enables the farms to meet the environmental, economic, and social challenges of sustainability.


Learn about our interactive virtual farm to see how the KITE PGR can help you!


For more than 50 years, we have travelled the world in order to put the innovations and developments we find at the service of Hungarian agriculture. Sustainability, food safety and the need to coexist with the natural environment represent major challenges for agriculture in the 21st century - challenges that the sector is unable to meet if simply left to its own devices. KITE has recognized the opportunity behind this challenge for farmers and created a PGR for this very reason, innovatively combining decades of practical experience with the tools of today. Information technology has given us a helping hand by structuring existing and measurable data, providing means for evaluating such data and for using it in planning, via apps designed to complement the relevant technological processes.




The implementation of precision farming requires a set of technical and IT tools suitable for this purpose.


Our digital platform provides a solution to quickly and easily transform data generated in agriculture into information for supporting decision-making.

PGR consultancy

The service provided by KITE is an agronomic, technical and IT consultancy system based on many years of professional experience that has been proven in practice.


To get the benefits of the PGR, contact us for more information and make the best use of what the system has to offer!



Our partners have a wide range of capacities and endowments. Not all farms have the same field, crop, and equipment characteristics. In many cases, all that is needed for successful operations is to replace a single equipment. In other cases, soil heterogeneity and the responses to it are the key to successful farming. We provide priority and standalone services to our partners to help them find the “missing link”, and professional solutions to increase their output and profitability.

What are the services provided by the KITE PGR? Individual services



contracted partners

We have more than 1,100 partners who use our precision farming consultancy services.


hectares of land

We provide precision farming consultancy to our partners on more than 650,000 hectares.


PGR experts

120 PGR consultants provide consultancy services to farmers with country-wide access.